Been Running – Been Busy!

Sorry for not updating recently, been posting more to instagram(follow me!) since its a quick and easy post.

So here is my update for the last week, starting from my last run in 2015!



Last run for 2015 in the books! It was supposed to be a tempo day, but I’ve been using the week as a wash week with the BYOBib 5k test run on Sunday. It was supposed to be 20 minutes at a tempo(6:30) but with the weather, lack of sleep due to work and the “race” sunday I took it a little more easy.

10 Min up – 20 min at 6:45 pace – 8~ish min down – Strava link here



Actually toook the day off even though I was scheduled for an easy 3. Had dinner with friends for a birthday in the evening and stayed up later/had to work in the middle of the night so I didn’t want to get up at 6am to run. Nothing wrong with an off week!




Winter is here! I was supposed to 9×200 track work and I had this awesome(read dumb) Idea that I could still get it done. Pad down the track on the warm up and then go a bit slower but still get it done…

Yea that didn’t happen. Warmed up for a mile and then attempted a 200. Got it done but by the time I hit for my next set I just completely stopped. I got out. I tried. And that is all that matters.



Nice and easy recovery 3 in the morning. It started sleeting about a mile in and the next two miles were a slip and slide. Felt good considering and was happy to get the run in.

3 miles. 9:07 pace. 138 Avg HR. Strava link here




SundayRunday out at the trails again and with a couple other people this time. Its been nice to go out n the trails for these Sunday “long” runs because they are better for my recovery and even though I’m running slower I’m putting in the same effort.

I was supposed to run for 70 minutes but I got back to my car about 62~ minutes and figured whats another mile. I ended up over my estimated mileage for the week so it worked.

The picture is from a video I posted on IG(link here).

6.4 miles. 9:45 pace. 143 avg HR. 588 ft of elevation. Strava link here


I’ll be posting a year end review sometime soon here, so keep an eye out!

Been Running – Been Busy!

1 up – 5 at MP – 1 down


Working off all those holiday treats today.

Green grass and great weather in December for my workout.

1up – 5 at 6:45, 6:49, 6:43, 6:46, 6:43 – 1down

It was an average 6:45 pace with 171 average HR – 6 months and I should be set : )

I’m amazed at how well my body is adjusting to this 5k program and how my legs aren’t TOO tired after the tempo on Thursday.

Nice and easy tomorrow!

Strava link here

1 up – 5 at MP – 1 down

35 Minute tempo – 20min at 6:25 pace


Another morning tempo with Cory in the books, fueled by Honey Stinger gel and done at 6:40am!

Ended up with 10min up – 20 minutes at 6:25 pace, 5min down

My current 5k PR is a 19:49…on today’s workout I hit a 19:54!!! I’m so excited to see this progress as all the hard work I’m doing is paying off.

Now to work a half day and enjoy a nice long weekend celebrating with family!

Strava link here

Oh!  Yesterday I hit 1500 miles for the year too!

35 Minute tempo – 20min at 6:25 pace

3rd Annual DRC Light Run!


Tonight was the Dubuque Running Club’s  3rd annual light run!

We have come a long way since we started and its great to see such a turn out for this.

If you don’t run with people or are hesitant to run with a club, you should at least try it! It can be scary but it is worth it!

3rd Annual DRC Light Run!

Monday Track Work


Morning workouts are starting to get a little more easy… Woke up to rain and didn’t let it deter me, thankfully it was only misting when I got to the track.

Switched tomorrow with today as I’ll be participating in the DRC
Light run tomorrow!

1up – 6×400 + 200 recovery – 1 down

1:31, 1:26, 1:26, 1:26, 1:25, 1:24

Happy Monday everyone!

Strava link here

Monday Track Work

Sunday Runday with the Gang


Got out on the trails with DRC members, Shannon, Elisabeth, Cory and his dog Lucy…which she lasted the full 8.5 miles!

Today was an easy run out on the trails and gravel roads to help recover. Was slated for 65 minutes on the schedule, but not following it to a T because I know I’m more than there with my fitness and going some extra distance on Sunday’s, as long as they are easy, is OK.

Can’t believe there is still some green out there…and its 20 degrees warmer than yesterday!

8.5 miles. 9:35 pace. 141 avg HR. 574 elevation gain.

Strava link here

Sunday Runday with the Gang

First Facial Frost of the Winter!


Another “fast” run today with 1up – 4 at 6:38, 6:48, 6:47, 6:45 – 1 down. Took the reigns on the pacing after the first mile was much too fast for what pace we were shooting for (6:50~).

The weather this year has been one extreme to another without any acclamation between. Hard going from 40s+ to the teens! Today was 12 degrees with a real feel of 2.

The Honeystinger skull cap  was just the right fit for the weather!

Glad to get this one out of the way today! Nice and easy tomorrow.

For some reason my HR monitor didn’t register this morning, which is slightly disappointing as I use that as a basis to see how my fitness level is increasing when I through cycles : (

6 miles. 7:11 pace. xx avg HR. Strava link here

First Facial Frost of the Winter!

The Force Awoke Me!


I’ll be heading to see Star Wars tonight so I got my run in this morning. 20 MPH winds at 30 degrees was a bit chilly!

The schedule for today was another 30 minute tempo with 10 minute warm up, 15 minutes at 6:27 pace, 5~ minute cool down.

Ended up using Honeystinger Kiwi-Strawberry gel this morning and I think it really pushed me through to excel on the run, because I really dislike doing speed at 6am. I also didn’t realize that the New Balance beacon vest was so reflective until I took this picture.

Now to patiently await until 7:15 tonight for the premier!

The Force Awoke Me!