Iowa Games 5k

So completes the 5k cycle that I am on!

I went into this race knowing that mile 3 started on a hill that spanned about 150~ feet. That being said I was giving myself a little buffer and knew that I couldn’t match my BYOBib 5k time.

I was shooting for a 19:30 and ended up hitting 19:25!

Warm up

I started the day off with a warm up “Priming” with Cory. I’ve tried this tactic before but always forget about it and I want to say it definitely helped today. This consisted of running easy for 3 minutes, picking up the pace for a minute and repeating those two steps again. The point of this is to get your body used to that speed so it can utilize oxygen efficiently by the time you start the race.

The first speed up I was feeling a winded(6:34~ pace) but by the second one I hit a 6:04 pace feeling good.

Mile 1

I started out the race jockeying into position – as per usual I ran out the gate pretty heavy but adjusted accordingly after the about .25 miles. Seeing my watch at a 5:30 pace, I knew I would be in trouble if I kept it up so I slowed it down to around a 6:05 pace.

The hill on mile 3 was also the downhill on mile 1 so I actually ran the hill smart and posted a 5:58 for the first mile. I tried focusing on my breathing and letting gravity do the work, but I still feel like I used too much energy and need to work on it.

Mile 2

The hill still continued for a little bit on the second mile so I used that to my advantage as well but turning off the street to go to the turn around was another smaller incline so it took me down a bit.

At the turn around(I do not like pinpoint turns around cones!) I tried to get a little boost as there was a person in front of me I was trying to catch and another person behind me that I didn’t want to catch me.

I started to head back up to the hill and immediately I could feel my pace dropping. There was about .1 of the 2nd mile going on that hill. 2nd mile was a 6:13.

Mile 3

Mile three was where the real struggle would occur. Already winded and knowing I had to hike up this hill I tried to keep calm. I glanced down at my watch and saw I was sitting around a 7:30 pace and knew it wouldn’t do so I tried picking it up a little bit, I ended up cruising up the hill at about a 7:10 pace, which OK as I could use the rest of the mile to get back on track.

I have stressed a lot in the past couple years that you should never stop at the top of a hill you just ran up because it is better to do a race day situation where you wouldn’t and teach your body how to recover…and I did just that.

I quickly hopped back onto a 6:20-6:30 pace and maintained it until I we started rounding to the 3 mile mark…that person was still ahead of me.

.1 and the “Hinton Kick”

Trying to gauge the guy ahead of me I kept thinking, “If this guy is in my age group and beats me to get a higher place medal than me, I won’t live it down”. With that I started kicking it in with the last .1 left.

I started slowly gaining on and then I went into full fledged BEAST MODE! As I was passing him I let out my grunts as I pushed as hard as I could. I ended up beating him by 3 seconds and guess what? He was in my age group.

My last .1 posted at a 4:46 pace topping at 4:05 pace at the final kick.


Post race

After I finished I was beat. I knew I pushed my hardest and probably couldn’t have done too much better and I am more than OK with that.

After cheering all the other DRC members in Cory and I went for an easy mile cool down and we waited for the awards to start.

We ended up with 5 medals and had the top male finisher as well!


Snagged 2nd place with 19:26…and got a new toy for Finn


Glad to be able to take a nice easy two weeks coming before the marathon training starts. I think I’ll start off by taking this next week entirely off ūüôā

Happy Running!

Strava link here

Iowa Games 5k

5k Cycle Complete…!


Today was the last run on the schedule and it was just an easy 3. The purpose of this training cycle was meant to get me from my 3:14:33 marathon fitness level to BQ fitness level.

The beginning of the cycle caused a lot of stress on my body as I was getting used to the speed work 3 times a week. I had aches and pains that I wasn’t sure was going to straighten out, which they eventually did, but generally something else popped up. None of the pain was putting me out and I adjusted accordingly. One thing I can say is that if it were not for the recovery days, I would not have been able to do the speed and definitely would not have raised my fitness level.

Below is the actual training schedule – The green obviously indicates that I did the run, yellow was a cut back of what was scheduled and red was a big NOPE. The only workout I ended up missing was the 9×200’s which was due to the snowstorm that we had that day and the other two days I missed because of the need for an extra rest day(listen to your body!)


Without counting tomorrow I hit 236.62 miles on this cycle, some weeks had more than planned and some had less, but all were within a couple miles.

One of the biggest factors for success in anything in life is consistency. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it 100 times over, Consistency is King!¬†

Some of the workouts that I ended up doing were slower than what was on the plan whether it was because I wasn’t feeling, or the weather was a little worse than anticipated, I still got out there and did every single one. Even if i didn’t go the way I wanted it to, I was still consistent and pushed through anything that came my way.

Tomorrow’s 5k will be a good test to see where I’m standing and although I am unsure of what time I will get the big focus will be looking at the effort. Success is measured by effort, not the outcome.¬†

I’ll leave with a quote I heard recently from, of all places, a smear campaign(darn elections!) “You don’t show up to work¬† but¬†expect a raise?”¬†– You get out what you put in.

Happy Running!

5k Cycle Complete…!

Week Recap

Monday 1/25/2016

Nice and easy 3 miles in the morning with my brother Rob. Between our schedules and training we don’t get a lot of time to run anymore, so keeping the pace nice and easy was good for both of us.

3 miles, 9:55 pace, 131 avg HR – Strava link here

Tuesday 1/26/2016

Last “track” workout of this training cycle. Had a warm up, 6×200 at ~:44, cool down.

I wasn’t feeling it completely tonight but I still hit some pretty decent paces. Cory¬†made me feel like I was standing still, killing the workout.

1.2 up, 6×200 :41, :43, :42, :44, :42, :42

Wednesday 1/27/2016

Last workout for the training cycle! Today was supposed to be, 10 min up, 15 min tempo(6:28), 5min down.

I knew from the start today was not going to go well, my legs on the warm up were tired and everything just didn’t feel great. I think doing back to back speed might have played with it, but even last night I wasn’t feeling it.

Ended up hitting the tempo at a 6:42 pace(1 second slower than Saturdays “fast” pace) and I couldn’t care too much. ¬†I kept with this plan and this is actually the type of run I had done the week of the BYOBib and my results were great on that.

Feels good to be done with speed for a while!

Strava link here

Thursday 1/28/2016

Decided to sleep in this morning so I had to run on my lunch break. Work has been pretty hectic lately and I’ve had a ton more meetings to get into which all seem to effect my lunch break(Usually take it around 1pm). Had my workout clothes on under my work clothes so I could get changed quick and get to it.

Nice and easy recovery for the day anticipating the 5k this Sunday. Remember – You have to run slow to run fast!

3.1 miles, 8:54 average, 137 avg HR. – Strava link here

Week Recap

Weekend Roundup

Saturday 1/23/2016

Last hard Saturday on the 5k training cycle which was 6 fast miles.

Compared to last week I felt so much better and hit my times a lot faster and actually the fastest for my Saturday runs on this cycle.

Cory had a late night so he wasn’t able to make the run, but there was someone that comes to the group runs sometimes that ended up pacing with me.

Since we meet up at the coffee shop after the group run I always get to see Allison and FInn at the finish and love the sight of them!


This training cycle has gone so well and had its ups and downs with how my legs adjusted, but I couldn’t be any more happy with it.

1 up, 6 at 6:43 pace, 1ish down – Strava link here

Sunday 1/24/2016

Last long run of the cycle and although I was supposed to only do 90 minutes, I haven’t been following that accurately and went for 13.1 miles for the “fun” of it.

Added some hills, nothing too large, but wanted to get in the hill for next weeks 5k to kind of remind myself of how it is.

Pace was real quick today and I am thinking my HRM needs a battery change because it has been overly wonky lately. Need to clean the contacts as well, so should get that done before my marathon cycle.

13.1 miles, 7:53 pace, 157 avg HR(not accurate), 535 ft elevation gain – Strava link here

Weekend Roundup

Simple Hydration 2016 Run Team!


So extremely excited to be picked for the Simple Hydration 2016 run team!

This is my go to bottle for my runs as it is a hands free option by slinging it in your waist band. I used this at the Madison Marathon to carry a home brew in and it was such a savior to have between the water stops, especially towards the end when I needed more.

I was never a fan of carrying water and often found myself getting overly dehydrated on runs. Since this is so simplistic in design it really has amped up my liquid intake on longer runs. Especially good on trails or when there is no water readily available.

Check them out at !!

Simple Hydration 2016 Run Team!

Week Recap

Monday 1/18/16

Had the day off from work with the holiday so I was able to sleep in a lot later than normal. Ended up doing my run in the afternoon and although the sun was out, the temp was still hovering around 1(-10 with wind chill).

3.1 miles, 8:43 pace, 143 avg HR – Strava link here

Tuesday 1/19/16

The cold just won’t let up, but can’t let the weather stop progress. I had 8×400 set up and since the track is still iffy Cory and I headed down to the river to get them done. With us essentially running back and forth, we had a bit of wind going one way which I felt every other one. Regardless, glad to get this one done as this is the last big week before the 5k cycle is done.

8×400 at¬†1:25, 1:25, 1:28, 1:23, 1:26, 1:23, 1:26, 1:25 – Strava link here

Wednesday 1/20/16

Didn’t want to get up in the AM to run so had to get this one in on my lunch break. It’s nice to get these recovery days in and not feel completely awful.

3.1 miles, 8:59 pace, 138 avg HR – Strava link here

Thursday 1/21/16


You ever have those nights where you know you’re meeting someone for something in the morning and keep waking up every 30 min so you don’t oversleep? This was my night last night.

Today was the last longer tempo run I had for this 5k cycle and it went extremely well. I wasn’t sure how my legs were going to react with the 400’s on Tuesday but I hit my pace right in the window (6:25-6:35).

With this out of the way there are only 3 more speed days which are all lower impact than what we’ve been doing. I think I’ll take this schedule again after the marathon to build up my base more!

10min up, 30 min at 6:33, 5min Down – Strava link here

Week Recap

Weekend Roundup

Saturday 1/16/2016


We went out of town for Allison’s birthday but I still wanted to get my work out in, so I got up early and found a spot by Lake Monona in Madison.

I was not feeling it this morning and didn’t end up hitting my pacing I wanted(about 5-10 seconds slower). I could go on and on about why I might not have hit the pace, but I still got out and did the workout and that’s what counts. Can’t stop now with less than two weeks before the end of the 5k training plan I’m on!

1 up, 6 “fast” at 6:54, 1ish down – Strava link here

Sunday 1/17/2016


Great Sunday Runday with Cory ! Glad to have had someone to tackle this subzero run with.

I forgot to capture the weather before we started, but the temp was a bit colder than what is shown. Ate a lot of hills today too, with about 1000ft of elevation gain. My HR was a bit high, but really with the cold the hills I think the effort was right.

Happy that I have tomorrow off work so I can be especially lazy.

11.35 miles. 8:11 pace. 153 avg HR. 1000ft elevation gain – Strava link here

Weekend Roundup

Week Recap

Monday 1/11/16

Actually took a much needed rest day after last weeks speed. Had 3 on the schedule but with Sundays run being easy and not over taxing, I didn’t need to hit ¬†this one. It’s easy to skip days on this plan with the amount of speed I’ve been doing.

Tuesday 1/12/16


I don’t remember where I saw the quote “PRs are made in the winter.” but this played through my mind tonight as I embarked on my speedwork work with Cory(Check out his blog here).

I don’t remember what set it was, but before we started one my words were, “and this is how we are getting a sub 3 marathon!”

With temps steady around 0 degrees with a wind chill of upwards to -20, we crushed our 10x200s tonight.

1.2m up
10×200 – 42, 42, 44, 43, 43, 42, 43, 42, 42, 42
1.2 down

Tonight is one of those nights that proves the mental toughness I have and am so thankful to have just as crazy of a running partner as I am.

Strava link here

Wednesday 1/13/16

Did not want to do this one. Was close to just skipping it as it was on my lunch break, but ended up going out anyway which I was happy I did. Nice and easy 3.

3.1 miles. 8:49 pace. 139 avg HR. Strava link here

Thursday 1/14/16

Thursday tempo work again. I was feeling sluggish and tired but ended up knocking the work out pretty well considering. It hasn’t been as fast as the first couple weeks, but I’ll chock that up to accumulative fatigue.

10min up, 25min at 6:31 pace, Lap button to cool down – Strava link here

Week Recap

Weekend Runs!

Saturday 1/9/2016 – 1 up, 5 “fast” at 6:48 average, 1 down

Know whats fun? When it rains/snows the night before a workout and the temps drop just enough to freeze!

Just kidding. That isn’t fun.

Regardless, I was able to get my “Fast” miles in even if the effort level was extremely high due to the loss of traction. Averaging a 6:48 on this run was great to see, but man my hips felt it after! Between the traction issues and how stressed my body was this week, my HR was higher than it should have been but I’m not that concerned.

The good part? I came home to another box from Honey Stinger!


5 “fast”. 6:48 pace. 173 avg HR. Strava link here

Sunday 1/10/2016 –¬†SundayRunday – Subzero run!


SundayRunday is here again and this time with subzero temps and 15-20MPH winds!

I used to “take a running break”(read as quit running) after October until usually March and always expected to come back as fit as I was…which never happened.

The first year I ran through winter I noticed that keeping my fitness up was the only way I would keep progressing. Now I’m running in subzero temps in shorts and able to keep saying that I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in when the year starts.

I’ll quote my brother,¬†“its only cold if you’re not moving!”

Who braved the cold this morning and got some miles in?

75~ minute run. 9.36 miles. 8:07 pace. 152 avg HR. 600 feet of elevation. Strava link here

Weekend Runs!

Week Recap

Think I might start to do a week recap instead of uploading daily. Thoughts?

Monday 1/4/16 –¬†Week 5, day 1 – Recovery is key

Nice and easy run, really tried to keep my HR low for the recovery after the 5k(Still in awe about the results!)
3.1 miles. 8:49 Pace. 1:42 avg HR – Strava link here

Tuesday 1/5/16 – WU. 7×400 with 200~ recovery – CD

With the snow and ice recently, the track is a no go for now. I found a nice stretch of road that is clear and with minimal traffic to do our 400s on. I’ll tell you what, its harder to pace on a road and when someone else is running in front of you. I was trying to shoot between 1:25-1:30’s…but hit a bit harder. I was surprised to hit them and not feel too bad after the 5k on Sunday!
1.25M up, 7×400 at:¬†1:22, 1:18(!?), 1:24, 1:21, 1:25, 1:22, 1:24, 1.5M Down

Wednesday 1/6/16 – HR based recovery

Actually ran in the AM before work and parked down by the grocery store because we needed a few things. Light and easy day and made sure to keep my HR low so I could get a good recovery in.
3.1 miles. 9:16 pace. 138 avg HR – Strava link here

Thursday 1/7/16 – Tempo – 25min at 6:34 – icy conditions!

Finally felt the sluggish feeling of all the speed this week. I adjusted this workout to try and hit between 6:20-6:30(was 6:25-6:35 before) and I didn’t feel too bad the first half. The second half though…oh man it was not fun. Between the random ice spots and the fatigue of the week I had a heck of a time keeping pace. 6:34 is still a great time for the conditions, but going over the HR data, I can tell my body is in stress mode. Overall, happy to have it done and before work none the less so I could spend time with the family.
10Min up, 25min at 6:34 pace, 5~min down – Strava link here


Week Recap