Grandmas 2016 – Week 3

Monday – Strava link here

3.1 miles, 8:38 pace, 142 avg HR + 10min strength

Tuesday – Strava link here

DRC Tuesday – Ran with Cory and Thom and didn’t really have anything planned. Ended up running here, there and a little of everywhere. Nice and easy does it!

6.3 miles, 8:25 pace, 148 avg HR, 437 feet of elevation

Wednesday – Strava link here

Had to sneak this one during two meetings a work so ended up pushing a bit harder than I wanted for an easy day, but got the miles in!

3 miles, 8:21 pace, 146 avg HR
5x Hill sprint + 10 min strength

Thursday Strava link here

First set of Yassos! Got it done nice and early before the sun came up with some of the DRC. I actually woke up from a dream that I was doing a race and couldn’t speed up, so I’m glad to say that I was able to keep pace with these, although my legs were a little tight.

4x Yasso – 2:56, 2:54, 2:54, 2:52


Every year at one of the local high schools indoor meet they have a an open mile for adults. I wasn’t planning on it this year because of focusing on the marathon and it was sandwiched between two workouts…but it got the better of me.

I was thinking of taking it easy and shooting for 7-7:30…but it got the better of me.

Ended up holding back quite a bit but really kicking it in the last 200m(indoor track is a 200m) and blasting off. Clocked in at a 5:59 while keeping it relatively easy. I would have liked to see what I could have done, but I have to focus!

Saturday – Strava link here


Well, finally had my first struggle on this cycle. Work this week was a bit off balance and Allison had conferences so I was full time Wednesday and Thursday with Finn. I ended up skipping out on lunch both Thursday and Friday and had a lot of other stress going on.

Come Saturday I had 1 up, 6 at marathon pace, 1 down. My legs were already tight from Thursday and Friday so the warm up was a little iffy, but once we started the MP miles I could tell it was going to be a struggle.

The first 3 miles weren’t bad, they are slightly on a decline, but coming back I started having some issues. I was out of steam, couldn’t breath and was just not in the best mindset. Mile 5 and 6 were pretty bad, but I kept up SOME speed. I need to focus up on this week to make sure I get back to normal.

6 at MP – 6:42, 6:46, 646, 6:49, 7:02, 7:17

Glad to get this one mental struggle early on to know it can only get better!

One plus is that I got my Simple Hydration team pack! Can’t wait to get some nice weather and sport that tank! If you’re interested in them and would like to get a discount code, email me!


Sunday – Strava link here

Glad to have this week be my down week. I set up a hillier 8 miler for Shannon, Dennis and myself.

With just enough hills and spaced out it was challenging with tired legs, but a good route.

Took our local coffee shop, One Mean Bean, hostage after the run and Shannon snapped this photo of Finn and me.


The little dude helps me through a lot of tough mental spots during runs and races. Even if he doesn’t end up loving running like his parents, I know he’ll see our dedication and put forth effort into what he likes.

8 miles, 8:41 pace, 145 avg HR, 632 feet of elevation


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Grandmas 2016 – Week 3