Grandma’s Marathon Wrap Up

And so my journey is coming to an end. To date for this marathon cycle I have logged 736 miles, some great, some not. I only ended up missing 3 days and altered 3 others due to races/day of feel.


Tomorrow I will be putting myself through the most grueling experience my body will have to date and I cannot wait to see the end result.

I have been dealing with sinus/congestion the past couple weeks that went away and then just came back with a vengeance. Such is life and I will take it how it is and lean into the race day adrenaline and push as hard as I can.

I’ve been using this mantra for the past several cycles, “Success is measured by effort, not the outcome” and I know I will put forth full effort to achieve a goal that I set out since I started actively running – BQ by the time I turn 30.

I will have live track going tomorrow(you can find the link on my twitter) for all those who want to check it out, otherwise if you want to track me my bib number is 2306.

I know I will see all the Dubuque Running Club Members today/tomorrow but I wish them the best of luck tomorrow as they have put in so many miles and hard work and helped me keep accountable.

Happy Running!

Grandma’s Marathon Wrap Up

Grandma’s Marathon – Week 16 & 17


I had all plans to highlight my workouts from week 16 and 17, but 16 left a bad taste in my mouth with a crash of a lot of my runs due to me not being to breathe well from my allergies.

Onto week 17 I ended up doing a 30 minute tempo, where 15 in the middle was supposed to be at 6:30~ pace. I wasn’t able to breathe and I was heavy all around so I finally ended up heading to the doctors. 1 in haler and some antibiotics and I was out the door.

I can clearly tell the difference when I’m using my inhaler, which is nice, it just stinks that its still pretty heavy to breath. It does seem that the antibiotic cleared whatever bacteria infection I was having as I’m not having any more greenies coming out of my head area.

I’m trying to keep a great positive attitude and after my weekend end runs where everything started clicking again I am feeling more confident.

5 more days and all my hard work will be put to the test!

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Grandma’s Marathon – Week 16 & 17