2017! New year, new format!

It’s 2017…WOOOO!

I haven’t been able to train as much as I wanted with the holidays and hanging out with the family, but I started the year off by hosting a BYOBib 5k!

It’s been up and down lately and I’ve been exhausted but I feel like I ended up working pretty well on the 5k and hitting right under 20 minutes…so no fitness lost but unfortunately no fitness gained.

As 2017 rolls in I think I’m changing the format of the blog a little bit – rather than giving detailed reports I’m going to shoot for Week 1-52 reports and keep it simple. If one workout is better/worse than normal I’ll keep it posted, but otherwise a simple, “5 easy miles today!” type thing.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and got through 2016 unscathed!

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2017! New year, new format!

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