Field of Dreams 50k – Recap

How does a runner ring in a milestone birthday? They run a milestone distance!

I put into place a goal that by the time I turned 30 I wanted to run a 50k, so why not create one specifically for me, on my 30th birthday? In come the Field of Dreams 50k. I had my brother in law make the logo below for it, and it turned out amazing.

Field of Dreams 50k Logo done by my brother in law

My alarm went off at 4:40 am and I debated taking a snooze hit for another 10 minutes, but laid in bed knowing I wasn’t going to really benefit from it. Got out of bed to do my morning routine, ate a pre-made PB & Honey sandwich and a banana. The nerves were rolling, so the bathroom was not an issue(we’re all runners here right?!).

The first of very few obstacles hit on the drive down, the main road I was going to take was closed off due to maintenance for a bridge, but no worries it was a quick reroute to get down to the Port of Dubuque to meet up with my Fuel Mules Rob and Cory.

As soon as I pulled into the parking lot HUGE drops of rain started coming down. It was not looking like it was going to be too much fun, but thankfully it stopped. I handed off my nutrition and dry clothes to the guys and we had a little delay due to a air pump malfunction, but soon we were off!

Quite a bit of the gear I was bringing along
6 AM start included headlamps!

The first 4 miles or so we had light rain and mist, which considering the day before called for heavy rain all day, we were happy to take it. I was wearing my Honey Stinger arm sleeves that kept me nice and toasty and just my DRC New Balance shirt and this was enough to keep me warm. The amount of rain we did end up getting was just in the start, so it really kept me cool the rest of the way without being over saturated.

At mile 6 I started alternating taking  Honey Stinger Gold and Ginsting every 4 miles, along with making sure I was taking 1-2 oz of Tailwind every mile to keep up hydration and fuel. I was extremely happy to have my Simple Hydration bottle to keep my hands free and quick/easy access while running as well.

I am happy to report that there wasn’t too much variation or outlandish things happening on the run. Every time my bottle was empty I passed it off to Rob and Cory and they would fill it up and meet back up with me. We got a couple photos on the trail, you can check them out below here.

Not sure the distance, but feeling really great!
10 miles in and rocking out!
Halfway point at 15.5 miles! Smile on my face and beer in Cory’s hand!

At the halfway point I did my first Facebook Live post, It’s hard to talk/text/learn new programs  while running!

I had my live track on so around mile 21 fellow DRC member Jen drove out and cheered me on, it was a brief pass by, as I was feeling strong and didn’t want to stop, but I was happy to see her and pushed me to keep going.

Now when people talk about hitting a wall during a marathon, you expect to hear stories of how they were mentally faltered or their body seemed to give out and couldn’t push anymore. I hit a wall at mile 25…but this was a literal one! Earlier on the trail I saw a sign stating “Bridge out after mile 18 marker on trail” and this was the only sign I saw for it. Hoping and thinking that whatever issue there was would not have hindered my approach to the finish.

Rob biked ahead and snapped us a photo showing that the bridge was actually out…in a big way. It was right around mile 25 where we came up onto the bridge and we stopped trying to figure out the best approach to get around it. As we were contemplating, I asked them both if it would be OK if I just hopped over and and kept my momentum going, which they whole-heartily agreed just verifying before if I had enough hydration/fuel. I hopped the barricade, tiptoed around on the wooden beam and climbed up and jumped off the other side, thinking this is where I was going to get hurt…thankfully that wasn’t the case!

Hitting a literal wall at mile 25!
Can’t stop, won’t stop!

With that wall out of the way, I kept grinding. I saw my heart rate steadily increase and I knew that there was no way to recover it unless I slowed down. Earlier in the day I said that if I had to start walking, I hoped that I would at least make it to the marathon point and as Cory caught up to me, with Rob and now Tom(he biked to catch up) shortly behind, I hit the Marathon point at 3:49~ and showed absolutely no signs of stopping.

At this point we took off from the Heritage trail and hit the back country roads to make it out for the last 5 miles to the Field of Dreams. We were mostly covered by trees on the trail, so getting on the Iowa country roads meant that there was a lot of wind since it was open. I wish I would have taken some pictures, or in the least, had the guys take pictures because the scenery was perfect for the last 5 miles. I did however, write all the turns down on my wrist so that I wouldn’t get lost and run extra miles!

Sometimes the path is not always easy
Right after the marathon distance – cutting out to the back roads!

Between mile 27-28 I made mention that I have felt much worst on 16-18 mile runs than I did at that point and by this time I thought I would have been feeling a lot worse, but the only thing that was feeling off was tight hips with the up/downs of the country roads.

We made the cut to the final stretch of the run and I could see the Field of Dreams in the distance. I saw Allison outside with Finn and I started getting that rush of adrenaline and my emotions were running wild. I rounded into the driveway leading to the field and Allison caught me with only .25 miles left!

I wanted to make it a point to finish my run by rounding the bases, so I ended up having to run the outfield and then one more time around the bases for good measure!

Final stretch I go!

Finishing up my first 50k!

And just like that, I had become an Ultra marathoner! I was so happy to have finished and kept strong the entire way! My final time was 4:29:26 (Garmin , Strava) – After doing the math, my first 15.5 miles was 2:16:32 with my second being 2:12:51, almost negative splitting it by 4 minutes! The elevation profile was essentially an incline the entire way. The only time I stopped was to wait for traffic at intersections and the little bit of time when we were looking at the bridge.

8:41 average pace with 156 BPM on my Heart Rate. Was on an incline most of the way!


So the day I turned 30, I ran 31.05 miles(need to get that extra so Strava didn’t steal it!) at 8:41 average with 940 feet of elevation gain with an average HR of 156. I am extremely excited about how the day turned out and how well the entire run went!

I have a couple thanks to give out and I’ll start with the products first:

  • Simple Hydration – This bottle lead to such a great hands free hydration experience. Please check them out if you never carry water, as it tucks nice and clean into your waistband and don’t have to worry about weighing your arms down
  • Honey Stinger – I was first introduced to this product line from a friend and have never looked at another solid fueling source. Since its made with mostly honey(Gold gel is essentially just honey) it sits really well in my stomach
  • Tailwind Nutrition – Getting 1-2oz of tailwind every mile, the combination of gels and this were perfect and kept me energized the entire way. I had zero feeling of being crashed and had a constant stream of energy!
  • Spibelt – The Spibelt has been a great addition to my running gear as it helps keep my phone with me and can hold a lot of my gels with little bounce.
  • Injini socks – I have fat feet. I have fat feet and my toes used to get blistered on most runs. Since I’ve transitioned to Injini’s, I have had very few issues and when I did, it was mainly due to wet shoes. 31 miles folks and I had zero blisters, and I didn’t even need to change them out!
  • Garmin – Running with a GPS watch has been a giant help in my running, but the addition to allow live track has kept peace of mind to my family as they can catch me and make sure my dot is still moving. 31 miles and not a single issue!
  • Strava – Strava or it didn’t happen!!!!

And most importantly:

  • Allison – Thank you for everything you allow me to do and supporting me non-stop even when I do crazy things. You are the best wife and the greatest mother to our children!
  • Finn & Artie – I wrote down DIFF on my arm, meaning Do It For Family – My kids are high drive of what I do and they were in my thoughts the entire 31 miles
  • Rob – You’ve been a non-stop support system since I can remember and I couldn’t have done this successfully without you. I might have ran your first 5k with you, but 50k with me is more than I could ever imagine
  • Cory – We’ve been training partners for the past couple years and you’ve helped me increase my potential. Thank you for thinking of even ever running to The Field of Dreams as this would never have come across my thought stream
  • Dubuque Running Club – without everyone from the DRC, I don’t think I would be as close to how I am, running or otherwise, if it weren’t for the continued support that we all bring to the table. Here’s to many more!

Now here are some pictures at the finish! I am looking forward to doing this again sometime, whether I run it or bike it as a mule 🙂

Rounding the bases for the final time!
Hanging out with Finn on the pitchers mound. He was a little cold
Field of Dreams!!
Cory caught me on this one, not sure whats going on!
Right around mile 29 and the last incline!
Very fitting fortune from the Chinese I ate after
Snuggling with my boys after a long day


Field of Dreams 50k – Recap

Field of Dreams 50k!


Hey Guys! Remember me!?

I’ve been silent on my site, but been busy otherwise with running, work and most importantly home life!

Tomorrow, October 12th, I turn 30 years old! I had two pretty big goals I wanted to hit before then, the first was to BQ, which this years Grandma’s marathon was supposed to be the big one, but I crashed horribly. The second was to run a 50k and I have created my own event to make this happen!

In comes the Field of Dreams 50k! I live in Dubuque Iowa, which is about a 30 minute drive to the Field of Dreams. So, why not map out 31 miles to get there?


This will be the last big effort that I do for the year and I can’t wait to have this under my belt. Feel free to cheer me on if you’re around and make sure to check my twitter ( for a live track to see how I’m doing!

Happy Birthday to me!

Field of Dreams 50k!

Getting my running legs back…!

The hustle and bustle of life has got me busy and I’ve been putting some of my running on the side.

Got out for a 9 mile hybrid road/trail mix today, which is the longest run I’ve done since the marathon.

Its good to get my head clear when both the kids are down for a nap and Allison need some rest, but lets me head out the door.

Also very thankful for Simple Hydration to take along the way as I do not like hand helds and this just tucks right into my waistband without even noticing it.

Feels good to be back on my running legs!

Don’t forget to vote for this #radrunnerdad to be on the cover of the Runner’s World Cover Search Contest!

Getting my running legs back…!

Hit the semifinals!

When you’ve been all kinds of busy and didn’t expect to be 1 of 100 people selected for the Runners World cover search. Glad to be picked out of all the amazing stories!

Voting only counts for 10%, but if you feel you want to, you can once a day here:

Hit the semifinals!

Grandma’s Marathon Wrap Up

And so my journey is coming to an end. To date for this marathon cycle I have logged 736 miles, some great, some not. I only ended up missing 3 days and altered 3 others due to races/day of feel.


Tomorrow I will be putting myself through the most grueling experience my body will have to date and I cannot wait to see the end result.

I have been dealing with sinus/congestion the past couple weeks that went away and then just came back with a vengeance. Such is life and I will take it how it is and lean into the race day adrenaline and push as hard as I can.

I’ve been using this mantra for the past several cycles, “Success is measured by effort, not the outcome” and I know I will put forth full effort to achieve a goal that I set out since I started actively running – BQ by the time I turn 30.

I will have live track going tomorrow(you can find the link on my twitter) for all those who want to check it out, otherwise if you want to track me my bib number is 2306.

I know I will see all the Dubuque Running Club Members today/tomorrow but I wish them the best of luck tomorrow as they have put in so many miles and hard work and helped me keep accountable.

Happy Running!

Grandma’s Marathon Wrap Up

Grandma’s Marathon – Week 16 & 17


I had all plans to highlight my workouts from week 16 and 17, but 16 left a bad taste in my mouth with a crash of a lot of my runs due to me not being to breathe well from my allergies.

Onto week 17 I ended up doing a 30 minute tempo, where 15 in the middle was supposed to be at 6:30~ pace. I wasn’t able to breathe and I was heavy all around so I finally ended up heading to the doctors. 1 in haler and some antibiotics and I was out the door.

I can clearly tell the difference when I’m using my inhaler, which is nice, it just stinks that its still pretty heavy to breath. It does seem that the antibiotic cleared whatever bacteria infection I was having as I’m not having any more greenies coming out of my head area.

I’m trying to keep a great positive attitude and after my weekend end runs where everything started clicking again I am feeling more confident.

5 more days and all my hard work will be put to the test!

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Grandma’s Marathon – Week 16 & 17

Grandma’s Marathon – Week 15

Monday – Strava link here

Its the last hard week before taper and I got my easy run in the AM so I wouldn’t have to struggle in the afternoon. Turns out it’s almost as bad, but at least I got it out of the way. I ended up heading onto a local golf course for about a mile, which ended up being a little hilly, but it was a nice break up.

5 miles, 8:50 pace, 139 avg HR + 10min strength

Tuesday – Strava link here

Cumulative Fatigue continues and the heat shot up today making this run pretty brutal. With my legs feeling like lead and the heat getting up there, I surprisingly did well on this run. Ran most of it with Dennis which was  good way to keep it going. I pushed a bit harder effort than I should have, but the heat will do that to you.

Was thankful to have my Simple Hydration bottle with me, as I don’t think I would have done so hot(GET IT?!) without it.

10 miles, 8:22 pace, 155 avg HR, 561 feet of elevation

Wednesday – Strava link here

Decided to get my run in the morning again and with an added bonus of planning to meet Cory for it. I took it a little harder than I should have with it being recovery, but I usually don’t get as fast as I do on Wednesdays. Glad to have a good training partner to keep me accountable. Plus – This HEAT!

5 miles, 8:16 pace, 148 avg HR

Thursday Strava link here

Know whats terrible? Waking up at at 4:40am to get your run in to only get your warm up in because a storm blows through.

Was happy to try and knock this workout in the morning with the heat, but there were other plans to be had. Ended up having to the workout at night time and boy, the heat was a scorcher. I knew I was going to be paying for the consistency and pushing the Yasso’s tonight, but got them in.


Friday – Completely off!

Saturday – Strava link here

Well, I was completely right about paying for my 800’s on this run. I actually felt pretty decent on the first 5~ miles of this pace run but then really died after that. Between the heat, allergies and not being topped off from Thursdays run, I ran into BonkVille. Having this happen for the second time in a row on a pace run, its a little discouraging, but I’m trying to see the better light of it(although its hard).

Last big workout in until the marathon though, so I have that going for me 🙂

10 at MP – 7:05~

Sunday – Strava link here

Woke up to a great surprise before my last long run of this cycle. I was chosen as the Runners Community Runner of the Week!


This was such a great thing to have in the morning, especially with how my run occurred.

Turns out BonkVille was holding on to my keys to my new house in Taper Town, so I had to go back and get them.

Off the bat, I felt pretty decent, didn’t feel like I was going to struggle to much, but 20 miles is 20 miles and you can change from feeling good to completely awful within a mile(Really mile 10 -> 11).

I kept well until about mile 15 and then I started struggling as we put more hills in and I was getting more dehydrated and heating up. By mile 16 I was almost out of water and took my last Honey Stinger for the run and almost lost it immediately as it didn’t sit well.

I struggled through the last 4 miles and soon lost sight of Dennis and Cory, as I told them early on to just head off without me. Sometimes in the mental battle, you need to have the road to yourself to curse like a sailor. I ended up having to stop for a bit to wait for the light at 18.5 miles in and it helped partially, but there was one more hill to tackle.

When I crested the last hill I decided to stop and gave myself a good pep talk for a minute or two before heading off to finish. This was not necessarily how I wanted to cap off my last long run, but the mental struggle actually will help in the end.

I finally got those keys to Taper Town and I am going to take as much relaxation as I can from here on out!

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Grandma’s Marathon – Week 15

Grandma’s 2016 – Week 14

Monday – Strava link here

Legs felt surprisingly well today considering the weekend I just had. I did have some issues with what I would think are my allergies, a little rough breathing and it was a little warm. But otherwise it was not so bad!

5 miles, 8:42 pace, 142 avg HR + 10min strength

Tuesday – Strava link here

Today marked the 4 year anniversary since the 1st DRC group run so we ended up getting everyone together for a picnic to celebrate. I ended up doing 6.5 miles at a relatively easy effort(still felt dead) and enjoyed a lot of food after!

We have come a long way and plan to keep pushing forward in the future!


6.5 miles, 8:11 pace, 148 avg HR

Wednesday – Strava link here

Had 5 on the schedule and was only going to do 3 but Runners Guilt got the best of me so I met it half way and did 4. I felt labored breathing and was completely shot. I think the weekend finally caught up with me!

4 miles, 8:41 pace, 140 avg HR

Thursday Strava link here

Well – After yesterdays run I thought this one was going to be asbolutely awful, but I surprised myself. I had a 30 minute tempo pace run today and felt really great.

I paced Dennis and Cory out for the first 25~ minutes or so and then they pushed on. I was feeling really sluggish on the last 5 minutes and figured out after why…They ended up pulling close to a 6:10 pace on the last .6 of the tempo!

I did forget my HRM so I am bummed I can’t mine the data, especially with how good the workout turned out!

10min UP – 30min at 6:29 pace(4.6Miles) – Down

Today was also our Altra Pub run for the DRC thanks to the Shoe Shack. I ended up throwing on some Altra Instincts, which weren’t too bad, but I don’t think they would be my shoe of choice. Nice and easy 2 miles to try them out, legs felt it a bit from this morning. The Vendor was kind enough to go in and buy 10 pitchers for the crew!




I’ve been slacking on strength on the last couple weeks and this was no different…down week it was all around

Saturday – Strava link here

Big ol’ ball of allergies this week! Woke up in the morning with a tight chest and some good phlegm. Was thankful that it was an easy 6 on the schedule! Met up with some of the DRC and took it nice, easy(well easier) and flat.

6 miles, 7:57 pace, 152 avg HR

Sunday – Strava link here

Ended up doing a whole lot of yard work and spent a lot of the rest of Saturday outdoors so the allergies were even worse for this run. Met up with Cory, Dennis and Jamie and set out as I didn’t map out anything.

Had 12 on the schedule so winging it and cutting here and there, was surprised we hit 13 back at the car. Sometimes my internal GPS is in good working order, this was one of those cases.

Heartrate monitor was wonky the second half of the run and my chest was making it pretty hard to hit the hills, but glad to end this down week on a good note.

13 miles, 8:15 pace, 700 feet of elevation, (HR Most likely around 146~)

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Grandma’s 2016 – Week 14

Grandma’s 2016 – Week 13

Monday – Strava link here

I could not get moving today at all! This is the first time in a long time I saw my HR at 126 during a run. Felt good to get it out in the AM but it was a struggle!

4 miles, 9:01 pace, 136 avg HR + 10min strength

Tuesday – Strava link here

Went for a strava segment early on(been eyeing it for weeks) and crushed it…but also crushed the rest of my run because of it. Pushed a bit too hard, but felt good more or less.

10.1 miles, 8:03 pace, 154 avg HR, 664 feet of elevation

Wednesday – Strava link here

Another day of not being able to move too fast. Recovery is key and when you can’t push your body to go any faster, it means you’re doing it right…I think.

5 miles, 8:55 pace, 135 avg HR

Thursday Strava link here

I was completely sure I wasn’t going to run my hill repeats tonight for lack of motivation, but I decided to knock them out anyway. Had 7 on the schedule that are .25 long that has about 60~ feet of gain on it. Slowed down a bit just so I would do them, but felt stronger(and not at the same time) as I went through. Glad I didn’t skip the workout!

WU – 7x Hill repeats – CD


10min Strength. Rested up for the weekend!

Saturday – Strava link here

Talk about a junk terrible horrible awful run. I had 1 up, 10 at marathon pace, 1 down. Even starting the warm up I knew I wasn’t feeling the best, but once I started the pace I knew I was in trouble.

After three miles in I was hoping it would just fade out and become an easier effort, but when I started going on a decline and was still having issues maintaining pace, I knew it wasn’t going to last long.

I ended up hitting around pace for 5 miles and then just completely bombed. The last 3 miles were around a 7:20 pace. Completely felt defeated. The cool down was even terrible!

1 up – 10 @ “marathon pace”(second 5 bombed!) – 1 down

Sunday – Strava link here

After the terrible run on Saturday I was making a good joke that I’m happy to be running 22 miles today because it was going to be an easy effort.

I felt a little labored in the first couple miles but snapped out of it and started feeling good. There were times that I kept fading in and out but a honeystinger and some water topped that off and made me feel well.

The route I created had us mostly running on flat, where I was pushing around 8:05+- around a 145 heart rate, which I felt was pretty good. Around mile right at mile 18 was when we started hitting the hills. Admittedly I like putting hills in that late to kind of push me over the edge, but I kept it nice and relaxed with Cory as Dennis pushed ahead on the first hill(280 feet over 1.8 miles).

Once we coasted over that we had one more of a challenge hill to do and that is when I started having goosebumps…but the better kind. I do not get runner’s high very often and usually its fleeting and it can die out within .25, but today that wasn’t the case.

The last hill started right around the end of mile 21 and I went for it. There is actually a strava segment there that I ended up PRing on! The high kept charging, as did I. I ended up hitting a 6:47 for mile 22 and around a 6:10 for the last .2 back to our car.

It’s amazing how on extra day can change everything. I felt better at mile 22 running a 6:47 than I did my entire 10 miles for Saturdays pace run.

And better yet, I hit my first 60 mile week topping off at 60.9(if only I knew I was that .1 short!)

22.22 miles, 7:54 pace, 152 avg HR(HRM was running hig), 600 feet of elevation

1 down week, 1 bigger week and then taper!

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Grandma’s 2016 – Week 13


Howdy All!

I’ve been so busy with everything I’ve had a heck of a time keeping up with the blog but I will try and start back up weekly for my progress.

I’ve ran a couple races, including a “test” half(New PR!) and my favorite 5k of the year(19:40 on dead legs!).

Below is my training so far and its going well. I do have some shin pain right now but I’ve been nursing it back to health and hope it isn’t anything more than shin splints.

How is everyone doing?!

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