Winter has come…

It’s 2018 and winter in the Midwest has come!

I’ve been busy updating the Dubuque Running Club site with the 2018 race calendar, while searching for some races to do myself.

With the holidays behind us I’m really focusing on eating healthy so I can get down to a better running weight. Sunsetting this with running and riding on the trainer, I’m hoping that I come out this spring well rested, healthy and a beast.

Here is a good picture from this mornings run!

Happy running!

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Winter has come…

Frosty the Billman

Wasn’t going to really post but I couldn’t help posting this one. Nice and easy 5~ miles today to keep the legs moving. Negative with wind chill = Frosty the Billman!


5.4 miles, 8:18 pace, 154 avg HR(not sure if accurate), 399 feet of elevation – Strava link here

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Frosty the Billman

Weekend Roundup

Saturday 1/16/2016


We went out of town for Allison’s birthday but I still wanted to get my work out in, so I got up early and found a spot by Lake Monona in Madison.

I was not feeling it this morning and didn’t end up hitting my pacing I wanted(about 5-10 seconds slower). I could go on and on about why I might not have hit the pace, but I still got out and did the workout and that’s what counts. Can’t stop now with less than two weeks before the end of the 5k training plan I’m on!

1 up, 6 “fast” at 6:54, 1ish down – Strava link here

Sunday 1/17/2016


Great Sunday Runday with Cory ! Glad to have had someone to tackle this subzero run with.

I forgot to capture the weather before we started, but the temp was a bit colder than what is shown. Ate a lot of hills today too, with about 1000ft of elevation gain. My HR was a bit high, but really with the cold the hills I think the effort was right.

Happy that I have tomorrow off work so I can be especially lazy.

11.35 miles. 8:11 pace. 153 avg HR. 1000ft elevation gain – Strava link here

Weekend Roundup