January 2018

Howdy All!

Moving along through the month and I finally have a fire under my butt! I finally created a schedule for the Parkinson’s Half marathon in April and last week was Week 1 of it. I’m feeling my fitness coming back but also trying to get used to working out 5-6 days a week. Have to keep smart and healthy to get where I’m going!

This is the training plan I have set so far and I think it’ll push me pretty hard:

Other than than, we have been making a huge push for the DRC to grow! We just had our social group run for the month on Thursday January 25th and had 29 runners plus a lot more just for the social aspect after!

It’s a great feeling to get the running community together for these events and have such an awesome impact on the lives of so many people.

Almost forgot, but I also won a contest from Nathan Sports! They had a “frozen face” contest and I was selected as the winner with the following picture:

I wont a ton of great gear from them and I am super excited to have been picked!

That is about all I have for now, but can’t wait to get back into the consistent running and shoot for some PR’s this year!

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January 2018