Steve’s Old Time Tap Spring Chaser 5k – 2017

April 29th marked the day of one of my favorite 5k’s. This was the 5th year that I’ve ran it and I’ve always had a positive experience running the race.

I’ll start by saying, I am not in the shape that I was expecting at this time, but I am OK with that. With all that has happened I’ve been happy to keep around 20-30 miles a week, so I couldn’t expect too much coming into this one.

I did a “priming” 20 minutes before the race for a warm up – 3 minutes easy, 1 minute at pace, 3 minutes easy, 1 minute at pace. I’ve been doing this for a while now for 5k’s and it seems to get my heart going and puts me about 10 minutes before the race to chill out and focus on what I’m doing.

The race started as any does, I went out a bit fast but slowly locked into a good pace. The first half mile was nice as there was buildings blocking the 20mph winds, but once we rounded a corner, it hit us head on! Mile 1 clocked in at 6:25

Mile two started and again, the headwinds were pounding away, but wait…there is reprieve at 1.3 miles because we are heading out of the wind…into a hill! I slumped down and at the top of the hill my watch was showing a 7:15~ pace for the mile so I took the downhill as hard as I could without overtaxing my body. Mile 2 clocked in at a  6:44

Mile three started at a water station and one of the workers there actually made laugh by stating “ICE COLD WATER!” in a response to the fact that the real feel was around 35 degrees. At this point I was pacing off with someone the entire race so I was trying to push a bit harder to keep ahead of him. I kept up a solid pace and just kept the finish in my mind. Mile 3 clocked in at 6:24

With the finish line right there, I knew well enough that I wasn’t breaking 20 today, which I kind of knew from the beginning. Typically I have a really huge kick in the end, but knew there was no one next to me and I didn’t need to push it extremely hard. I did clock in an average of 6:00 for that last .1 finishing in an official time of 20:17(just like the year!). I finished 8th overall and 1st in my age group!

I am happy with what I hit and it really pushed me to know where I stand in fitness. Had it been a flat course, had there been no wind, I think I could have broke 20, but that’s neither here or there. Time to evaluate my VDOT to push my abilities again and do another test closer to when marathon training starts…in 3 weeks!

The finish line face of pain!

Dan(left) was 1st overall, me, Dennis(right) was 5th overall and first in age group

Chart for the race, as stated my start time was a bit fast!

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Steve’s Old Time Tap Spring Chaser 5k – 2017

Marathon Training in 2017

So as the time looms a little closer(about 3 weeks~ until I start training for the marathon) I really need to put in perspective on what I’m trying to accomplish and what I’ve done in the past to self sabotage myself from accomplishing goals. I’ve compiled the four biggest culprits that have really prohibited me from reaching what I want. In no particular order:

  • Lack of a proper sleep schedule – This is always something that seems to bite me in the ass. I typically get around six hours of sleep a night when I’m busy, and this is honestly due to me just not going to bed. How am I supposed to recover fully if I’m not sleeping to build everything back. I need to designate a specific schedule to adhere to, even if it means, “I need to go to bed at X time to get X amount of sleep”
  • Over training – I am fairly certain this is something that happens to me a lot more than it should and I’m knowledgeable enough to know when I am over training, but I still seem to do it. I think sometimes I get way into the numbers of things and see 5 miles on the schedule, and I need to hit those 5 miles. I need to listen to my body and not my schedule!
  • Lack of proper diet – Diet Diet Diet. The saying you can’t outrun a bad diet is 100% accurate. I recently went 130+ days restricting sugar out of my diet and got to my lowest weight I’ve been in a couple years. I got back on that train pretty hard and gained about 4-6 pounds back, which I need to drop. Diet is one of those hard things to do, because once I start putting in ALL the miles, I want to eat ALL the things
  • Lack of Strength Training – I did incredibly well with 3x strength training last year for the marathon…until about half way through. I think this went along with being over trained and not wanting to put an extra 5-10 minutes in 3 times a week to essentially make me a better runner. If I’m already logging 5- 7 hours a week running, whats an extra 30 minutes to make me a better and stronger runner?!

I think there are a few other things that hold me back, but these four seem to kick my ass every time. I need to come up with a system to keep myself accountable in all of these during training, whether its just actively monitoring them or actually tallying at the end of the week whether I was able to accomplish these and if I wasn’t, what can I do to change?

I’m shooting for a hefty goal again, try to BQ, so I think seeing this as the big goal and then sub setting them with smaller goals might be my best option.

Does anyone else suffer(or previously) from any of the above? Whats your plan of action?

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Marathon Training in 2017